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Compton Mentor Fellowship Program

The Compton Foundation created the Mentor Fellowship Program to promote the creativity and support the commitment of graduating seniors from participating schools as they move beyond academic preparation to focus on continuing "real world" application and contribution. The Fellowship is intended to be for one year, beginning and ending at an annual mid-June gathering of Fellows held in the San Francisco area.

The Compton Mentor Fellowship Program is based on the belief that life-changing experiences occur when formal learning becomes transformed by action. Such complementary learning helps one see - and appreciate - the larger world through different eyes and a broadened perspective. In a sense, each Fellow co-creates the program: the pragmatic, self-directed nature of the Fellowship experience is meant to deepen and enrich knowledge, and guide Fellows to apply new understanding of themselves and the world in original ways.

Meet the 2009 Fellows

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(top row) Corinne Almquist, Nadia Eghbal, Mara Gittleman, Kristen Hansen-Day
(bottom row) Miranda Hileman, Isaac Holeman, Juliana Valente
"I cannot think of a better way to encourage young creative minds to forge their own destiny and effect positive change for humanity."
- Kartikeya Singh, Fellow 2007
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