Application Process

The Compton Mentor Fellowship Program welcomes innovative projects that encompass elements of the Foundation's funding interests in the environment and sustainability, peace and conflict resolution, population and reproductive health, and climate change and energy policy. Proposed Fellowship projects should reflect a candidate's genuine interest in, and commitment to, a specific concern. In sum, the project should be personally meaningful and of significant social merit.

  • Fellowship Candidates submit application to participating academic institutions (see below), due date determined by each institution.
  • Fellowship candidates secure two letters of reference (at least one should comment on non-academic experience and skills) to include with the application packet.
  • Participating institutions review applications, interview applicants, and advance up to two candidates to the Compton Selection Committee for consideration.
  • The Compton Foundation will bring all candidates to San Francisco to be interviewed in late April.
  • Academic institution contacts have copies of Mentor Fellowship project profiles from previous years for review.
Participating Schools

In selecting Compton Fellows, the Foundation seeks individuals who demonstrate imagination, intelligence, integrity, and leadership. Fellows are self-starters, who show promise of creative achievement, and a commitment to compassionate and effective participation in the world community. A candidate's academic record, while not of primary importance, is also considered, along with extracurricular activities that reflect both initiative and dedication. The Foundation seeks individuals who strive to be thoughtful agents of change, and find the task of charting their own learning paths exciting rather than confounding.

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