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2007 Fellows
Joshua Crawford
Morehouse College

Joshua spent the fellowship year implementing "Trust Project," an HIV/AIDS awareness program geared toward Education, Awareness, and Activism. The major initiative behind the fore mentioned objectives, was to equip college students, within the Atlanta University Center, with the necessary tools to...

Janie Crocco
Clark University

Janie Crocco spent her Compton Fellowship year studying and addressing issues tied to human trafficking in Italy and Nigeria. During the first part of her fellowship year she focused on the trafficking of Nigerian women to Italy for sexual exploitation. She worked with Associazione Iroko Onlus...

Andrew deCoriolis
Oberlin College

Andrew’s Compton year will be spent developing an organization called Bridging the Gap (BG) in Chicago Illinois. Bridging the Gap will focus on developing a program to connect local farmers with consumers who are underserved by traditional food networks. BG aims to provide low carbon emissions...

Jessica Fagan
Berea College

For her fellowship year, Jessica plans to work with the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council Inc. (GSVSC) to help address the lack of climate-change awareness through youth education, research, idea circulation, and program development. She plans to develop an online resource to summarize...

Colin Hagan
Furman University

Colin spent his fellowship year researching and writing a "South Carolina Guide to Climate Change." Primarily mentored by Jennifer Rennicks at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Colin also collaborated with other community leaders and conservation organizations in South Carolina, including...

Meha Jain
Princeton University

During her Compton fellowship year, Meha measured the environmental effects of traditional rural conservation practices in India. Most policy makers and conservationists claim that indigenous communities are detrimental to the environment since these communities rely on forest products for their...

Steven Parella
Morehouse College

Steven will spend his fellowship year developing “The Educational Awareness Fellowship”, a community service and education based program designed to increase high school graduation rates among minorities in San Francisco. Guided by core principles of valuing education, creating peer groups and...

Kartikeya Singh
Furman University

A rapidly industrializing country, India is on the verge of deciding not only its own future but also the ecological future of the planet. Currently there are 500 million people without access to electricity in India and how India chooses to provide them with power--whether through grid-fed coal...

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