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Kristen Hansen-Day, 2009 Fellow

Oberlin College
Mentor: Dr. Vladmir Ticona
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Project Summary
Kirsten is working to increase indigenous Quechua women's access to and satisfaction with maternal health care services in the Valle Alto of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The project revolves an Intercultural model of hospital care that increases women's autonomy in the birthing process, valorizes traditional Quechua practices, and minimizes medical intervention in low-risk births. The first 6 months of the project will be devoted to training hospital staff in the model and promoting the Parto Intercultural in the rural communities surrounding the Casa Materna of Punata. The second phase will aim to diffuse the results of this experience to other health centers in the Valle Alto with the goal of increasing understanding and respect for the Intercultural Birth Model among biomedical practitioners, thereby reducing rates of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality in the region.

Currently resides in:
Punata , Bolivia


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